Covid-19 Notification (10 Mar 22)

As of 9/3/2022, three members attended Sunday Services on 6/3/2022 received a COVID-19 positive notice. Though the church hasn’t received NSW Service notice yet, for the safety of all members, the church has conducted a thorough cleaning on Wednesday (9/3). All services and meetings to be held at church has resumed on Thursday. For those who has attended last Sunday Service, please watch out for any symptoms.

The Church encourage members to advise Pastor(s) or their congregational deacon(s) if they are tested positive to COVID-19 or a close contact. This is to help the Church to assess the situation and, provide support and pray for affected members.

Also, the Church has prepared a COVID-19 Protocol to ensure safety practices are followed.

For your reference, please see below Government information:
• Self isolation and testing –
• Information for People Exposed to COVID-19 –
• Fact Sheet People Exposed to COVID-19 –
• COVID-19 Rules and Restrictions –